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We want to share with you the ancient historical Christian Church, today known as the Orthodox Church.

There is an unbroken continuity in faith, doctrine and worship from the Church of the first century to today. Orthodoxy is not a denomination; it is a way of life. It is a family of fifteen self-governing churches worldwide that are organically and completely united in faith and belief. The 250 million Orthodox Christians worldwide are only separated by cultural expression and the administration of local affairs.

Our intention is not to challenge your faith, your church or your denomination.  Our desire is to share with you the fullness of ancient Christendom. Orthodoxy has been the last stop for thousands of American Christians, hundreds of pastors and dozens of congregations, and even denominations, looking for a spiritual home where doctrine and faith does not change with the latest trend or book or pastor.

Come and See! Join the thousands of Americans across this land who are discovering the Ancient Faith.  Read their stories. To give you the most comprehensive introduction we have built this website with many links to other websites for you to peruse. Come and discover the Church that Peter and Paul worshipped in!

May God bless and keep you!